Acadia Physician Recruiters is a terrific no-cost resource for foreign medical graduates (FMG) looking in working in the USA. We work hard to match these physicians with employers that are willing and able to support their J1 or H1/H1b Visa. We may even be able to assist you in obtaining an O1 visa. Acadia PR assists many physician Residents and Fellows currently in training who are not US citizens. These doctors need to work with a recruiter specialist who understands how to find the right match with an American practice opportunity where these doctors can use their skills to care for people – often in underserved areas. Our services are employer-paid, so there is no cost to the job-seeking physician.


Acadia PR has a team of dedicated physician recruiters who work closely with employers of all sizes: private practices, critical access hospitals, large healthcare organizations and community health centers/FQHCs. We represent jobs in all six New England states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Each of these states has designated underserved areas that will support visa waiver applications that will enable the employers to hire non-citizen FMGs with the right skills and credentials and personality. These jobs may be in rural or inner city / urban areas. Not every visa-supported match is in an underserved area. Please note that some states do not have qualified job openings all the time - it is ever changing. Fortunately, we usually have some positions available somewhere in New England most of the time – particularly for physicians trained in primary care (Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, and Hospitalist medicine). Occasionally, our clients are able to obtain waivers to hire a physician with a J1 or H1b visa to work in an area that is not designated as underserved. These situations are rare, but we have had success making these matches.


In almost all cases, the foreign medical graduate needs to complete a US residency program in order to be qualified. This is the best way to be assured the physician can obtain a state medical license, and be covered by professional liability insurance (malpractice insurance). This is also important in order to have the physician’s services recognized and payable by health insurance companies. Just as importantly, a US residency is the best approach for an FMG physician to become Board Certified in their specialty. Most employers today require US Board Certified or Board Eligible for physicians they wish to hire. If you are considering practicing in the USA and plan to take a fellowship rather than potentially redoing a full residency program, we recommend you think twice - and take the residency path instead. This is your best bet for finding employment after your training.


We work with our clients to provide all the resources necessary to complete the hiring process for the FMG physician. This includes working with immigration attorneys to make sure your waiver is granted as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Contact us to learn about visa supported jobs for foreign medical graduates. Our recruitment and placement services are absolutely free to the job seeker (we are paid by the employer). We have dozens of physician jobs available at any given time – some of which are in areas approved for visa waivers - and we also have the ability to identify more physician jobs throughout New England for physicians seeking employment in a specific region or specialty.

Acadia PR assists doctors trained in the following medical specialties:


Acadia Physician Recruiters represents jobs in the following specialties:


Please contact us to get connected with the physician recruiter who handles your medical specialty. At Acadia Physician Recruiters, you will be working with a professional who is an expert at matching you with the right practice opportunity in your area of training and certification, and who has experience helping FMG physicians obtain visas to practice in the USA. Our relationships with hiring organizations are a real benefit to the doctors we represent.


You can get in touch with us by email, or by phoning 207-891-9003. Thank you!

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